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Dernier ajout : 19 juin 2012.

  • Overview of the website

    1er septembre 2014
    This website presents the works of Isabelle Leynaert in three different fields :  bookbinding  restoration of books, graphical documents, etc.  photography (photos for sale online). To visit the part you’re interested in, please click on the relevant field. Welcome !
  • Artistic bookbinding

    19 juin 2012
    Artistic bookbinding I graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels (ENSAV) of La Cambre in Brussels, and have been working for several years as an independent bookbinder, an art that requires continued, high level professional training. Needless to say, I love reading and beautiful things. Bookbinding allows me to turn this passion into unique, original books and other artefacts, freely expressing my creativity – using innovating materials and concepts, among others – to (...)
  • Restoration

    8 mai 2012
    Although book and graphical documents restoration is a rather rare and unknown field of expertise, it is an incredibly precious one. Documents and books deserve more than to be abandoned to their fate, and an appropriate intervention will preserve the everlasting sharing of knowledge. Protect, preserve and restore the collective and/or individual heritage calls upon our universal conscience and our sense of responsibility towards the generations to come. Restoration is in constant (...)
  • Photography

    8 mai 2012
    A professional bookbinder, I’m also fascinated by photography. Since 2007, I have taken part in several exhibitions. The world around us is full of tiny miracles and fun : just change your point of view and take a moment to really consider those simple things we tend to overlook in our haste to rush through life. It’s magic ! That’s exactly what I do : I change the angles, I broaden or reduce the scope, I focus in or out - all obvious ways of looking for, finding and revealing the spirit of (...)