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Artistic bookbinding

mardi 19 juin 2012, par Isabelle

Artistic bookbinding

I graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels (ENSAV) of La Cambre in Brussels, and have been working for several years as an independent bookbinder, an art that requires continued, high level professional training.

Needless to say, I love reading and beautiful things. Bookbinding allows me to turn this passion into unique, original books and other artefacts, freely expressing my creativity – using innovating materials and concepts, among others – to give each text an exclusive casket in harmony with its spirit.

« Art for art’s sake » is not my cup of tea : I definitely strive to create beautiful books, rich sources of pleasure for booklovers. An artistic binding indeed appeals to all our senses : sight and touch, of course, but also smell and even taste are provide for, with the soft melody of the turning pages in the background...

I work alone, using tools and materials which allow me to work in a traditional way, yet without excluding modern, unexpected or futuristic materials.

Papers are created and/or adapted to wish. Leathers are decorated or not. Entrusted works are given boxes or cases adapted to their conservation needs. Everything is possible, be it a case for a flute or a paintbrush.

A well-adapted binding can be the finishing touch for a photograph, a watercolour painting, or a drawing, bringing it masterfully to the fore.

Every creation is necessarily unique, and my imagination has no limits...