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mardi 8 mai 2012, par Isabelle

Although book and graphical documents restoration is a rather rare and unknown field of expertise, it is an incredibly precious one. Documents and books deserve more than to be abandoned to their fate, and an appropriate intervention will preserve the everlasting sharing of knowledge. Protect, preserve and restore the collective and/or individual heritage calls upon our universal conscience and our sense of responsibility towards the generations to come.

Restoration is in constant evolution : researching new ways of preserving and deacidifying documents, of preventing the degradation of ferrogallic inks, of treating documents damaged by mould, etc. make it a fascinating and challenging field.

Needless to say, my restoration work always respects the document at hand : it has its own history - I never go beyond what’s needed to ensure perennity of its use, without hiding repairs. For me, a good restoration is certainly not a deceitful face-lift.