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mardi 8 mai 2012, par Isabelle

A professional bookbinder, I’m also fascinated by photography. Since 2007, I have taken part in several exhibitions.

The world around us is full of tiny miracles and fun : just change your point of view and take a moment to really consider those simple things we tend to overlook in our haste to rush through life. It’s magic !

That’s exactly what I do : I change the angles, I broaden or reduce the scope, I focus in or out - all obvious ways of looking for, finding and revealing the spirit of our everyday environment. I strive to fix the present, whether lasting or not, without trying to change it. No photoshopping for me : I respect things as I see them, and let them live their own lives.

Do you see what I see ? Do you read the shadows like I do ? Do you perceive movements in the realm of the motionless ? Our perceptions of reality are so varied, even when we’re looking at the same thing. I wish to invite you on a trip in the world as I see it, to show you the smiles on the surfaces. I can’t conceive art without a touch of humour, and I want to share with you the pleasure of my findings.

Let yourself be carried along in a world full of surprises...

Print limited to 8 copies.